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Workplace Mediation

Our work in resolving 'workplace' conflicts and disputes has assisted the individuals concerned to manage problems and avoid the potential consequences. We also deliver comercial mediation to assist in solving disputed between customers and suppliers. Workplace mediation also supports the more traditional 'HR' function and can avoid the costs and trauma associated with Employment Tribunals. Mediation techniques can enhance change management processes and can save both the organisation and the individuals concerned the time and cost that is often associated with more traditional, formal, routes.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation seeks to address matters of dispute between colleagues at work, and or employees and the organisation at their place of work. It is a confidential and informal process, which works by encouraging the parties to speak to each other and to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will resolve their problems. The dispute may be between two or more individuals.

ACAS Accredited

Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation includes for dispute or resolution of conflicts between businesses and trading organisations, with, perhaps customers or suppliers or another organisation. This may include disputes over financial matters or issues such as reputation or contract performance.

RICS Accredited


Our team have a wealth of training experience. We are able to deliver face-to-face, classroom or e-learning, depending on the subject matter and the recipient audience. We can accommodate either in-house or off-site venues Training includes :

  • Restorative Processes:(trainers registered with the Restorative Justice Council)
  • Anger Management Coaching