Resolve Risk

Resilience, Integrity and No Surprises

Who We Are

Resolve Risk Ltd is a private company providing expert consultancy regarding residential real estate management and compliance, business continuity, resilience and crisis response; managing Governance, Risk and Compliance with tailored training related to all.

What We Do

Resilience, Integrity
No Surprises

Real Estate Management

Our consultants are all highly experienced, industry recognised thought leaders. Individually we are in regular contact with the Building Safety Regulator and policy makers at DLUHC and serve on various committees developing the practicalities to deliver improved building safety management in both construction and the occupied sector.

Business & Building Resilience/Crisis Response

Clients have included major building contractors, residential management organisations, local government and both private and public housing operators. Crisis response training and consultancy clients have included building contractors (on sites), managing agents, metal recycling operators, health service providers and local government.

We also have a partnering agreement with Telemaster - one of the UK's foremost advisors on all matters relating to telephone masts, commonly found on roofs of high buildings. - Understand the risks, (including financial), to the landlord, and manage roof activities, whatever they may be, on an effective and holistic manner,

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