The Building Safety Bill will introduce new, and fairly complex, regime including the need for a Building Risk Assessment

The Building Safety Bill will introduce new, and fairly complex, regime to assure residents and property owners of the safety of the property which they either live in, or own. At the centre of the new regime will be a requirement to understand, assess and manage the building safety risks present in higher-risk residential buildings.

There is a significant amount of free advice available via websites, blogs and webinars, some of it incorrect, ‘gold plated’ or simply misinformed. Our team however have both been fully involved in the development and delivery of the new regime ever since Dame Judith Hackitt issued her final report ‘Building A Safer Future’ in May 2018.

We are very well placed to provide both very well informed training as to how all the constituent parts of the new legislation fit together, and to deliver facilitated workshops to assist you in undertaking the required ‘Building Risk Assessment’ using the ‘HAZID’ process, (as supported by the Building Safety Regulator).

While not unknown in the industry this ‘higher risk’ evaluation process is a systematic method for determining the hazards that could present at your property, and a process for determining how best to minimise these, ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’.

The Building Risk Assessment draws from information you will need to have to hand, including both expert and practical knowledge of your building and will inform the basis of your ‘Safety Case Report’ which is, effectively, the requirement to seek permission from the Regulator to occupy your building.

While the current scope of the new regime is focussed on occupied residential properties of 18 Metre (or 7 storeys) height or above, this process is appropriate for properties of any size, complexity or status.

We offer both half and full day workshops to suit your organisation and depending, perhaps, on existing competence and any information or any existing expertise already existing within your organisation).

We will provide both the training to undertake this exercise, and we can facilitate workshop(s) to develop your initial Building Risk Assessment.

Please contact us to discuss how we could best be of assistance to you.

We deliver training courses through Zoom/Teams and in-person facilitated workshops – please email us or please contact us to book or to discuss in-house training requirements.

The facilitated HAZID workshops are, by their nature, delivered at your place of work. We will discuss with you the numbers, and the key personnel you will need to attend.

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