Dispute Resolution

Resilience, Integrity and No Surprises

A career spanning 30 years in commerce, the public, and voluntary sectors

Using a combination of traditional mediation techniques and, where appropriate, elements of the 'restorative' process. Anthony has assisted disputes between former colleagues, teams and their leaders and as well as intervention as part of formal disciplinary processes in the workplace.

  • Avoids the cost and disruption of tribunal process.

  • Aims to avoid loss of skills and competence by restoring working relationships.

  • Benefits general understanding between teams and the leadership.

  • Provides an element of 'mentoring' to individuals concerned.

  • Assists HR in fulfilling their responsibilities to the workforce.

  • Usually results in immediate improvements.

  • Usually one-to-one meetings facilitated over a few hours.

Increasingly encouraged as an alternative to the 'Law' - commercial disputes are resolved promptly and with the optimum chance of preserving trading relationships. Often the use of imaginative remedies, not necessarily always simply a financial agreement, enables both, or all, the parties to gain true benefit from seemingly intractable differences.

Recognised as a highly successful method to assist offenders, particularly youth offenders and their victims in addressing the consequences of crime and the behaviours that lead to criminal activity. A rapidly developing process for dealing with crime without filling jails with individuals for whom a jail sentence is an inappropriate sanction.

Where family or neighbours become engaged in seemingly intractable disputes mediation can often successfully be used to intervene before damage or potential physical harm to individuals or property occurs. Disputes can evolve around boundary or property ownership issues as well as personal relationships, the strain of divorce or separation or inappropriate behaviour. Often it is found that the dispute arises due to misunderstandings that have become 'out of hand'.

Anthony supports community and voluntary organisations where his skills are of use. In the event that individuals (or small commercial organisations) consider they may benefit from mediation, but may have concerns over the cost - do contact Anthony to discuss potential options.

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