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Resolve Risk provides accredited CPD training on behalf of the main professional bodies in the 'Occupied Residential Sector'

In order to book a course please email with your preferred course and date and we'll get back to you with costs and any further instructions

IRPM (for FM focus)-

APS (for PD/PC focus)-

IOSH (for Building Safety Focus)-

Resolve Risk also provides a range of bespoke training options both online and face-to-face.

We deliver online training webinars, face to face training and facilitated workshops including for general regulation education, best practise, Building Risk Assessment and scenario based tests of Crisis Response. All workshops are proceeded by short training sessions to 'refresh' policies and procedures.

Management of Safety In Residential Property

There are many components of the Building Safety Act 2022 and the Fire Safety Act 2022 regulatory requirements

There are many components of the new Building Safety and Fire Safety Acts regulatory requirements, with new Duty Holders. You will hear or read of

There are even more new terms and new duties/obligations associated with each of them and much guidance; all of which can become confusing, especially when seeking to establish how it all affects you, your organisation, and your clients (be these the residents themselves or the building’s owners).

It is of the greatest importance that Landlords, their Agents, and those commissioned to manage the residential buildings safely fully comprehend the new ecosystem being put in place to assure the safety of residents and the building in which they live.

We are pleased to offer a number of training options to guide you through the new requirements, and especially what potential effects of the ‘devil in the detail’ could mean to you.

All those delivering training are respected experts and thought leaders in their discipline.

We offer both bespoke training for specific organisations or groups and a range of relatively standard subjects as illustrated below - however the standard packages are usually 'tweaked' to ensure the clients' requirements are always met. 

Understanding the Building Safety Act 2022, Fire Safety Act 2022 and associated obligations, regulations and guidance.

We are pleased to offer a number of training opportunities to guide you through the new requirements, and especially what potential effects of the ‘devil in the detail’ could mean to you.

We deliver training courses through Zoom/Teams – please email us for the current schedule – or we can deliver in-person to your organisation, please contact us to book or to discuss in-house training requirements.

Generally we suggest a full day of training providing in-depth advice,  or we can deliver a series of 'bite-sized 'Overviews' - depending on the best for your audience. We always include time for Q&A to debate matters as they are raised.

Workshop to include a training session refreshing knowledge of your organisation's policy and procedures followed by a desktop test exercise based on a scenario chosen by, and relevant to, the organisation or site.

These workshops have been successfully delivered to individual construction sites and individual buildings as well as a wider 'business wide' response to a catastrophic event.

Crisis Response Management

Full day 09.00 – 16.00 (including 2 or 3 facilitators), including:

Additional elements of response training can be included in both the training and the scenario at the clients' discretion, for example:

A detailed look at the requirements for managing building safety 'in occupation'

We can also deliver more in-depth, detailed technical training in any of the above elements, for example: ½ day technical briefings:

Undertaking the Building Risk Assessment: Building Safety Act 2022.

Full day 09.00 – 16.00 (including 2 facilitators)

 Safety Management Systems Under the new regime: 

Full day 09.00 – 16.00 (including 2 facilitators)

A detailed look at the new regime in the Construction Phase 

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